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If looking for a discreet yet powerful auxiliary high beam driving light install for your D-Max, then look no further than a pair of Linear-6 high-performance spotlights from Lazer Lamps, discreetly and securely mounted behind the front grille. The lights are secured behind the grille, utilising our Grille Mount Kit for model year 2021+ vehicles, providing for a fully road legal installation that will leave you finding excuses to go out at night!


Designed for our Linear-6, Standard or Elite, the lights mount in pairs to the metal support bar behind the front grille. Utilising stainless steel mounting brackets, the installation is quick and simple to complete with supplied fitting and wiring instructions. A two-lamp wiring kit is also available allowing for connecting your lights either direct to your standard high beams, and/or operated via a separate switch on your dashboard.


The Linear-6 Standard option delivers an excellent cost-effective solution, that delivers a significant improvement over the standard high beam driving lights on the vehicle. The Linear-6 Elite options goes further with double the light output compared to the equivalent Standard lights, 1 lux is delivered to 400m, with a 42 degree left/right spread of light which leaves little to the imagination come nightfall.


With no compromises in component parts or production techniques, as with all Lazer products, we have taken every step to maximise lighting performance, and build quality, to ensure your lighting installation remains in excellent condition for years to come, backed up by our comprehensive 5yr warranty.


Lights must be purchased separately. Linear 6 Standard or Elite is recommended.


Recommend Two Lamp Wiring Kit



Auxiliary high beam driving light installation for Isuzu D-Max (model year 2021+)

Optimised mounting with pair of Linear-6 LED driving lights

Standard or Elite lighting options available

Custom-made mounting brackets secures to metal support behind front grille

Vehicle wiring kits available

Fully road-legal

5-year warranty

Made in UK

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