Measuring 590mm in length, the Triple-R 1250 ‘Highline’ with Position Light is a fully ECE approved, LED spotlight that delivers both a styling upgrade that is guaranteed to turn heads, and high beam driving light performance that leaves nothing to the imagination. Close to the limit of the road-legal regulations, the light output has been carefully engineered around commercial vehicle applications.


The integrated position lights are designed to operate with your standard side lights, while class leading LED and component technology delivers auxiliary driving light performance borne out of development and testing done at the highest levels of professional motorsport. The uncompromising commitment to exceptional product design coupled with superior lighting performance is what has established the Triple-R range as the must have vehicle accessory across the Commercial Vehicle, Road Tuning, Off-Road, and Motorsport sectors.


It is through the combination of x12 high density 11W LEDs and ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, that delivers 1 lux light output to 518m. Still, where the Triple-R 1250 ‘Highline’ stands apart from other products in the range, is through a modified beam pattern which comparatively spreads the light taller and wider, meaning that the user benefits fully from an incredible 12,300 lumens while still falling within the allowable road-legal regulations for the peak intensity of light. The colour temperature of the light, at 5000 kelvin, is specially selected to maximise definition and reduce eye-strain.


The exceptional design of the Triple-R range is complemented by our UK manufacturing which guarantees a build quality to ensure the product looks and functions as well for years to come, all backed up by a comprehensive 5yr warranty. A fully aluminium enclosure, advanced silicon Gore-Tex breather membrane, and polycarbonate lens (with lifetime guarantee), are just some features which ensure the lamp is best suited to even the toughest environments.


SKU: 00R12-PL-Std-B

- x1 Triple-R 1250 'Highline' LED Lamp (with Position Lights)
- x2 Centre Mount (1114k)
- x1 Wiring and Installation Instructions