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Dyno Tuning

Not only can we dyno tune your modern common rail injected vehicle, we have the ability to tune you older mechanical injected turbocharged on non turbocharged diesel vehicle, allowing you to get the best results from any vehicle.

A dynamo-meter or "dyno" for short, is a device for measuring force, torque, or power.


In addition to being used to determine the torque or power characteristics of the vehicle being tested, dynamo-meters are employed in a number of other roles.


Dyno’s are used to provide simulated road loading to the full power-train (using a chassis dynamo-meter), thus allowing us to carry out extensive engine or drive-line diagnosis.

Dyno Tuning & Remapping

Dyno tuning allows us to quantify our results to you the customers, whilst in some circumstances it may not be possible or out of the budget we will adapt to your requests.

With any vehicle that we dyno tune we will supply a printed graph displaying the results achieved and final calibration.

Dyno Graph
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