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ECU Remapping

Ecu remapping allows us to enter the standard parameters of your Factory ECU and fine tune these parameters to improve overall engine efficiency and performance output.


We are optimising the tune for YOUR vehicle and ensuring it suits your upgrades / accessories as well as your requirements.


All this is carried out using specialised software to suit the vehicle at hand.


A copy of your standard / factory map is always kept so we can return it to standard if you require it.

ECU Remapping & Tuning
ECU Photo.jpg

Benefits of Remapping

  • Increase in power through a wider rpm range

  • Improved torque, developing at lower engine speeds and lasting through a broader rpm range

  • Better throttle response , removing that laggy diesel feeling

  • Improved engine efficiency resulting in cooler engine temps and lower EGT’s

  • Emission systems (Ad-Blue, EGR and DPF) can be shutdown or modified to suit your needs, limiting your need for costly repairs on the system and intake and exhaust sytems affected by emission systems.

ECU Remapping Vehicle List

Providing your vehicle has a common rail fuel injection system or electronic injection pump, we have the ability to remap most vehicles incluing:

Car Remapping
SUV Remapping



Small Truck Remapping

Small Truck
*Under 4.5t*

4WD Remapping


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